Emergency Preparedness for Champaign County in Illinois


There is much in the news about possible disasters that could strike anywhere in the U.S. Reports of bird flu, anthrax in the mail or the accidental or intentional spread of other diseases all make us feel insecure.

So we wonder: How dangerous is bird flu? How likely is another anthrax attack on our nations post offices? Could our community face an outbreak of deadly disease? How ready are we for any one of these events?

This website will discuss the dangers, explain what each of us can do minimize the impact of these or other disasters, and let you know what county emergency response planners are doing to prepare.

We have information about disease or chemical agents, different types of emergencies, and what you can do to protect yourself and your family in an emergency.

It should be noted that a terrorist attack in Champaign County is unlikely. At the same time, disease outbreaks are very common. Nearly every year we see an outbreak that could threaten public health. Sometimes the problem is contaminated food or water. Sometimes a disease such as Pertussis or mumps sweeps through the area in higher than expected numbers. Hospital, university and Health District staff work every day to track and end these outbreaks.

Look around these pages to learn more.